Trisha Zielinski

Dance Instructor

Trisha began dancing when she was 6 and has never stopped loving it. In high school, she had her first experience with ballroom on a competitive ballroom formation team. She went on to become a member of the Ricks College Ballroom Dance Team. She has competed at the college level and has received many awards in both the formation and individual categories. She has been the choreographer for both high school ballroom teams and show choirs. In addtion, she has taught ballroom to multiple youth and adult groups.

At times, securing a willing ballroom partner has proved challenging, so Trisha has also been a member and instructor of multiple ladies’ tap dancing groups across the nation and in England.

Trisha is married to her favorite dance partner, Daniel Zielinski, who is also an experienced dance instructor and theatre choreographer. He has a minor in dance from Bowling Green State University and taught for 3 years at a private studio in Pennsylvania. You will often see them teaching together.

Trisha loves drowning herself in well written literature, old musicals with happy endings, laughing and learning with with her four children, and taking long naps. She dreams of one day having a beautiful garden and sharing her passion for reading as a reading specialist. To this end she is currently working on her master’s degree in reading at NSU.

Above all, her passion is dance. She has personal experience with the healing that comes through ballroom dancing, and it is her joy to share this passion with others.